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We Build High Converting Shopify Stores And Scale Your Brand With Tiktok Marketing



Branded Store

We design and optimize your Shopify store for growth with all the advanced features to drive massive sales.


Hot Winning Products

We make deep research for trending, unique and problem solving quality products for your store.


Tiktok Marketing

We partner with creators to provide the best User Generated Contents for your brand and market your products to thousands of Tiktok users.


We kickstart your Shopify store and fuel your TikTok ads through the power of User Generated Content and interactive product videos.
Maximize your ROAS and lower your CPA with the fastest-growing social media platform.

Just fold your arms and witness magic!!

Everything Done For You

We have a community of creators who understand social media and trends, ready to create top-notch content for your products. We help you get your products to the right Tiktok audience who are hungry for your products.

We have already design new Shopify stores with hot selling products from various niches; pets, fashion, kitchen, home essentials, fitness, baby and mother, health and beauty and single product branded stores for you to choose from. Each niche is curated to make you sales.


Best For eCommerce

Tiktok is the hottest social media site in the world. It’s like Facebook in 2005 – a brand new platform with huge potential and a massive, engaged user base. It’s the perfect platform to reach out to the most impulsive generation in history.

Powerful Sales Tool

Half of the Tiktok users have bought something they have seen on the platform. They are 2.5x more likely to immediately buy something they discovered. TikTok is a powerful sales instrument for eCommerce stores.

1 Billion Active Users

TikTok has a diverse audience range, from GenZ to GenX, millennials, and even baby boomers. TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users globally. It’s a great way for dropshippers and marketers to build credibility with their target market, which will lead to more conversions in the future.


You just don’t have to upload any video for your ads campaign. You should make ads creatives that entertain and the same time connects with tiktokers. By using TikTok UGC in your organic and paid TikTok marketing strategy, ads appear natively and authentically to your targeted audience.

We Make Tiktok UGC Videos Easy To Make You Sales

Our vast network of creators and content production expertise helps Shopify brands like you get the creative you need faster. Below are Tiktok UGC videos made for our clients which is generating sales for them.

We Focus On Driving Sales To Your Shopify Store

We have spent years studying the human purchase behavior and we’re well vexed in running successful campaigns to drive sales for your Shopify store.


Shaping the future of Shopify eCommerce

Our Shopify and Tiktok marketing strategy works with 95% success rate.


We understand the Tiktok algorithm and we make sure our ads creatives cuts through to reach potential buyers which leads to massive sales.


The Shopify stores we make are clean and professional with high resolution graphics, creative contents and advanced features to convert visitors into buyers.


We import products which are in high demand in the global market. Products which has wow effect, solves problems, easy to ship with good profit margin.

What You'll Get With Our Services


You’ll get to choose from an already built shopify store in various niches. Each store you choose is fully complete and ready to launch.

shopify store management

Each store comes with User Generated product videos made by our creators to use for marketing. We use effective hashtags and keywords to build interested audience for your brand.

speedisales tikrok ads

You’ll get experienced Shopify experts to manage your store and Tiktok account. We’ll update your catalog with hot selling products and fill your Tiktok with awesome videos to generate more sales.


Our Shopify - Tiktok marketing strategy has generated 6-7 figures for our customers

SpeediSales Agency



Premium Branded Shopify Store

Choose from top dropshipping niches: Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, Pet, Kitchen Accessories, Home Essentials, Health, Electronic Gadgets and More….

One Product Store

$ 250 One Time Payment
  • Premium Theme Installation
  • Theme Setup & Design
  • Winning Product Research
  • Shopify Apps Installation
  • User Generated Product Video
  • Tiktok Account

Shopify Niche Store

$ 680 One Time Payment
  • Premium Theme Installation
  • Theme Setup & Design
  • 50 Winning Products
  • Quality Graphics & Logo Design
  • Shopify Apps & SEO Setup
  • UGC Product Videos
  • Shopify & Tiktok Account Management

What Our Customers Have to Say

Daniel Brooks

Web Developer

Mike Stuart

Tiktok Manager

Samanta Kols

Virtual Assistance

Leah Myers

UGC Manager

Elvis Yong

Product Research & Marketing

Peter Rogers

UI / UX Designer


Most frequent questions and answers

We will transfer store ownership from our Shopify partnership account to you in less than 30mins once payment is captured.

You’ll give us access to your account to start managing it for growth and sales.

If Tiktok business is not supported in your country, we will run your Tiktok account from our USA agency business account.

You will need to pay for a shopify plan directly with shopify. Prices for their plans can be seen here

Due to the nature of our products being digital, refunds are not available unless services rendered are late beyond reasonable time frame

We have already paid for the domain which comes with the store however, if you want a different domain name for your store, you will need to purchase it.

Yes, you can add as many products as you want once you have your store.

Do you need a custom store?

We can built any type of store with your preferred niche. Request a quote to get more information about your custom Shopify dropshipping store.

World's Fastest

Better than any visual

Once your order has been received, we will confirm your purchase within 30mins. Our team will begin working on transfering your store to you.

Upon delivery of your store, we release all liability and rights to your store. If you upgrade, use, install or purchase any apps. Other charges may occur that we are not responsible for. We also take no responsibility for any future subscription payments or charges you receive if any of your free trials expire or if you sign up for any apps on your Shopify store.

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